Monday, February 25, 2013

Living Room Shopping List

 As I was planning out what our new living room would look like, I put together this board of things I was loving. I bought this piece of art by Michelle Armas who I love, her use of color is amazing, and this canvas print was huge 3ftx3ft which was perfect for the space. That became the pallet driver for the rest of the room. These were other items I found that I thought could have happy furniture lives in our livingroom. The blue velvet couch (because who DOESN'T LOVE blue velvet?), chair from CB2 (which unfortunatly they don't have in that color any more), the pouf from Urban Outfitters which also is no longer in stock, but they are popping up everywhere, even target has one for only $50 which is by far the cheapest I've found. The Curtains, AMAZING flocked beauties. The moose, because faux taxidermy is a must, this was also from west elm but is no longer in stock, there is still another similar one though. The chairs and sign were from random sites and I can't for the life of me remember where I found them, but I wanted a nice marquee letter for the walls! Last but not least, to ground the room, a lovely rug. As soon as I'm home when the sun it out, I'll take pictures of what we ended up with, and how I set up our gallery wall.

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  1. Love all these colors! and the Target pouf too! :)