Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home Trend: Bamboo & Rattan

One trend that I'm seeing and loving right now in home goods is bamboo and rattan furniture. It feels so fresh when mixed with more modern decor. It's also easy to find in antique stores and usually pretty affordable, I just bought a chair for our guest room for $30! The shapes are so fun and unique, I love pairing them with sleek modern furniture so a room doesn't feel too stiff and clinical. They are great painted too if you need to add some color to a room. 

1. Bed   2. Hanging Chair   3. Bookshelf   4. Nest Chair   5. Bar Cart   6. Wavy Chair


  1. I've always been a fan of bamboo furniture. My aunt living in ann arbor apartments for rent has so many house items made in bamboo and rattan.

  2. Maryvance, I agree! Antique markets and family members often have the best treasures too!