Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding Photo Booths

A growing trend at weddings is the photo booth or photo wall. I am a huge fan of both, they encourage guests to take candid photos (which can be scarce and forced otherwise), they are also a place for the bride and groom to take pictures with a variety of their guests. Last but not least, it's FUN for everyone involved.

  1. This photo wall is from my wedding,  the photo taken by our photographer. I built this wall for our wedding (and am available to build one for your event too!). It was a great place to include pictures of our family members and the photos taken here were some of my favorite from our wedding. 
  2. Chalkboard wall Backdrop
  3. Polaroid Frame. I think these would be pretty easy to make and you could make a row of them if you wanted to. 
  4. Sequin backdrop photo wall. Great for a sparkly event!
  5. Flower and moss backdrop photo wall. You could have one of these built and use it as a backdrop for the ceremony and then for pictures later too.
  6. These are some accessories I made for a tractional photo booth at a wedding I designed for. I made these chalkboard word bubbles with handles on the back so that guests could "say things" in their photos. I also made postcard sized cards that guest could fill out to put in the photo guest book next to their pics. Last but not least, I made little envelopes for their photos with a sticker to write their names on them and keep them protected. I tied them all together with these little boxes and labels to match, as well as a sign explaining the photo booth protocol. 


  1. i am a photographer and i have lots of collection of photo wall. I never ever seen such a creativity. I trully love such job. keep sharing it up.

    1. Thank you! Photo booths are one of my favorite wedding things! Keep checking back for more!

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    1. San Antonio Wedding Photographer, so glad you enjoy the blog! I'll continue to keep the good posts coming!