Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pumpkin Mini Bunt Cakes!

It's fall! which means it's time for pumpkin flavored goodies! I made these pumpkin bunt cakes this weekend and they were DELISH! A little plus, pumpkin cake always seems more like a muffin or bread to me, so it is totally allowed to have one for breakfast! The full recipe and directions are shown in the photo above. For the topping, I made a simple vanilla glaze which I made even better with a bit of cinnamon!

Wisk together 1C confectioners sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 2tbs unsalted butter, 2tbs milk, and 1tsp vanilla extract. I added about 1/2tsp cinnamon to give it that extra warm fall flavor!


  1. I. Want. One. NOW! I can't wait to try this!! It's looks amazing! I am always looking for ways to bring in the fall season. I will try these this weekend!

    1. They are so good! The definitely didn't last long in my house! Happy baking

  2. After I saw these on instagram and you said they were delicious...it occurred to me that I may have that mini pumpkin bunt pan too....after rummaging through my huge pan collection, I was excited that I did indeed have one. So now I can make my own. Thank you so much for sharing, again these are so adorable.