Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kitchen Design

 When designing for a room, I always like to start somewhere, sometimes it's a piece of furniture I've found and MUST HAVE, sometimes it's a beautiful rug, but usually, it's a piece of art. Here is a eat in kitchen I'd love to have, based around this lovely painting by Paul Ferney. Amazing branch Light to draw in the eye over the table. Plates and gold dipped flat-wear from Anthropology. I love these classic wishbone chairs, and I love even more that DWR has them in multiple colors, they are super pricy, but overstock has knockoffs in basic colors too. Classic tulip table from overstock. This amazing cross stitch rug is from Anthro as well, but I think this could probably be a DIY project for a low traffic area. Curtains also from Anthro, but could also be an easy DIY by adding trim to a standard white curtain.

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