Monday, June 24, 2013

Wedding Color Pallet: Pale Pink

Pink weddings can be a hot topic, there are very few guys who can fully embrace a pink wedding. My advice? Stay away from hot pinks and fuchsia, instead go with pale pinks and blush pinks which can feel more muted and digestible. To keep it from feeling like a little ballerina wedding, keep the pink on the blush side with yellow undertones, mix it with gold (NOT silver, a matte grey is acceptable if paired with other lighter colors), some bleached oranges and yellows to keep it feeling modern and fresh. Stay away from true easter like pastels and go instead for colors that feel as though they have been bleached by the sun. Another way to keep pale pink feeling fresh is to pair it with colors that do not highly contrast it, in other words, go with khaki or light grey suits instead of black and use greenery that is lighter in your bouquets.

1. Menu   2. Balloon   3. Table   4. Pink Blazer   5. Pink Clouds   6. Floral Arrangement

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