Monday, August 5, 2013

EVENTS: Unique Wedding Escort Cards

 Escort card displays part two! I wanted to do another post about wedding escort card displays. There are just so many amazing possibilities out there! I love the idea of a little snack incorporated into your place cards, so that the guest has something to eat right away! I would be pumped to get a donut with my table number!

1. Oranges- so colorful and sweet!
2. Ribbon Prizes- for the newlyweds who want their guests to feel like they've won a prize!
3. Donuts- because it's awesome.
4. Brown Paper Bunting - cute and easy, also a great photo backdrop!
5. Name buttons- so no one has to do introductions! No awkward forgetting of names either!
6. Copper Gardening Labels- such a great idea, perfect for an outdoor wedding.

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